Friday, October 22, 2010

Florida Bound!!!!!

Today is the day!! We leave for Disney tonight!! We are going to drive through the night and get to the Clearwater area tomorrow morning. We are going to spend tomorrow and tomorrow night on the beach then drive to Disney on Sunday! I am so tired and still have so much to do before 5pm!!!

Addison had a small fever this morning so she is going to be just pleasant today. Ugh! Poor thing just isn't handling this weather change well at all! I can't wait to take them to the beach for the first time!!

Well, I think I am almost recovered from my procedure. It has been hard to rest and take it easy with Gene gone. The only thing that I have now is the occasional cramping and my back pain is still a bit of a problem but hopefully that will go away! I am not sure how the 14hr drive to Disney is going to be on me. I guess we shall see....

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