Monday, February 21, 2011

So much has happened!

I feel like it has been 6 months since I last posted and it has only been about 2. So much has happened since I was last writing on here.

My little sister got married on January 22nd. That was a very interesting/stressful event. I am really amazed at how rude some of the people involved really were!! My poor grandparents got the worst of it and all they were doing was trying to be thoughtful and generous. I will stop my has been really weird to have the wedding over. I think that all I thought about and focused on was her wedding for the past month or so. Because I have found a lot of free time on my hands since then. haha I can't believe she is married and moved to Kentucky! Jack keeps asking where she is. I think he really misses her!

Lets see what else happened....Oh Gene was offered a job as the sales rep. for his biologic division up in Louisville, KY. He keeps going back and forth about if he wants try to go for it or not. I really don't want to leave Memphis and all our friends and family but at the same time it is an amazing job opportunity for him. So, we are going to keep praying and wait and see about how that pans out. It could be April or May before we know anything solid about it. The job hasn't even been announced to be available yet but Gene was their first call so that was pretty big.

Today starts my weight loss "challenge" that Gene has given me. He told me that if I can get down to the size 8 that I want to be he will buy my a whole new wardrobe!! I am so excited there is nothing like some good motivation!! I hope to have some good news to report in the next few weeks.

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